Consulting Diagrams and Charts

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01 – EME Overview

02 – SBS Overview

03 – EME Categories

04 – ElectroMagnetic Spectrum

05 – Four EME Categories

06 – Magnetic and Electric Fields

07 – Meters and Measuring

08 – Electrical System

09 – Electrical Grounding

10 – Neutral and Ground

11 – Blue Box Tester

01. ElectroMagnetic Exposure Overview

This EME Discussion Chart is a one page summary of the EME issue.

Note that there are four areas of exposure categories:

  • Magnetic Fields
  • Electric Fields
  • Radio Frequency
  • Dirty Electricity (basically pulsed Electric & Magnetic Fields).

The upper right refers to how the EME Issue is dealt with from the client’s perspective. Thus some categories are self addressable and some need expert assistance.

02. Sick Building Syndrome

This chart is used to organize the range of topics for EME & chemical exposure issues related to what is known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

This website focuses on the EME topics, however any expert found on this website has the knowledge to intelligently discuss any of the items on this SBS map.

03. ElectroMagnetic Exposure Sources

This diagram is one of a series of diagrams allowing for the efficient finding of the definitions, mitigation options and measurement options for the various types of EME components.

Soon, there will be another website that will have the complete set of these diagrams in a clickable instant access system for advanced education.

04. ElectroMagnetic Spectrum Overview

Where the emissions are in the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum determines how the source is detected & mitigated.

05. ElectroMagnetic Exposure Categories

This discussion diagram lists the main characteristics of the four main categories of EME.

The magnetic field wiring issues require measurements & expert assistance.

Exposure by electric fields, radio frequency and dirty electricity can be somewhat addressed by personal action.

06. Magnetic & Electric Field Comparison

Magnetic fields and electric fields refer to two different types of EME.

They are fields that are relatively short in distance, as opposed to radio frequency fields.

07. Meters and Measurement Theory

Meters are used to detect the presence of EME.

The size of the number obtained is not the relevant issue, as there are so many variables in taking readings of unknown sources.

Variances in the time and location domains,  etc… mean that a spot measurement is only useful for detection, not for determining a corresponding Biological Effect.

Professional level meter readings could involve actions such as data logging and the use of an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer, for time domain analysis.

These sophisticated measurements are beyond the scope of this website.

Measurement theory refers to the issue that the solutions are in the data interpretation, not the data itself. Thus, to be useful, data must be properly/appropriately gathered, with the appropriate meter.

08. Home Electrical System Overview

This discussion diagram is used to illustrate the various components of a Building Wiring System, with focus on the Grounding System.

This diagram is used in the discussions, with the consultant explaining the significance of each component.

09. Electrical Grounding System

The Equipment Ground is for electrical system problems in the building.

Circuit breakers trip upon faults.

10. Ground & Grounding Terminology

This diagram illustrates, for discussion, the components of the Neutral (Grounded) System and the Grounding Systems of the building wiring system. The reason for this level of detail is that virtually all of the EME issues that are related to building wiring issues involve the grounding system.

Thus the understanding of the Grounding System Components and their functions is critical during mitigation.

Detailed understanding of the grounding system by the client is not necessary.

It is a given that the client is not expected or qualified to make any changes in the hard wired electrical system.

The client only unplugs items and shuts off switches and circuit breakers.

Only qualified personnel who have complete and detailed understanding of grounding and grounding systems are to make any building wiring changes.

11. Testing for Building Wiring Errors

If there are building wiring errors , the issue is that there is electric current flow on the Grounding System Components.

As these electric current paths are not near the Hot Conductor Current Flow paths , the result is there are magnetic fields.

Since these magnetic fields are room and/or house-wide,
a Gauss Meter just tells you that there are magnetic fields, room-wide. It does not tell you the source of these magnetic fields.

It one turns a wall light switch off and the magnetic field goes away, you have proven that there is a wiring error. The next step is to test the electrical wiring system for errors
and then correct the wiring errors.

This is a depiction of the use of the Blue Box Wiring Error Testing Device. It is designed to do the required test as described above.

The testing is done at the main electric panel.
As the panel cover is off, this is not a normal house occupant test. One needs the appropriately trained person
who is skilled with electrical testing. All testing is done with the entire electrical system turned off.

The client only unplugs items and shuts off switches and circuit breakers.

Only certified electricians or qualified personnel who have complete and detailed understanding of grounding and grounding systems are to make any building wiring changes.