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Our expert consultants provide ElectroMagnetic Exposure solutions by utilizing screen sharing, remote education and site analysis, source detection, EME measurements, mitigation options, and assistance in mitigation implementation.

We strive to be a problem solving website for individuals that want to mitigate their ElectroMagnetic Exposure.

ElectroMagnetic Exposure (EME) Solutions

This website is dedicated to solving EME problems for individuals. Our experts and the clients act as a team to identify, measure and mitigate the EME.

Our principal consultant is Spark Burmaster.

Spark is an Electrical Engineer EE, an ElectroMagnetic Exposure Ecologist EMEE, a Building Biologist Environmental Consultant BBEC, and a Building Biologist ElectroMagnetic Radiation Specialist BBEMRS

As mentioned above, the focus of this website and consulting is on individuals. Training for Professionals/Practitioners is beyond the scope of this website.

There is a companion Advanced EMEM Training website where we are in the process of implementing training presentations and presentation technologies so that we can delve deeper into the ElectroMagnetic Exposure mitigation technologies.

Upon completion of that training and other criteria,
one can be qualified to be an expert on this site.

One would need to be at the trained professional / expert level
to have the background to fully interact with that website.
For example, certified Building Biologists ® qualify.

Our 4 Part Consulting Process

01 – Education

We educate you about EME. This includes the understanding of and the identifying of sources.

02 – Measurement Options

We explain measurement options (with data interpretation) that are to be used before and after measurements in order to determine the mitigation effectiveness.

03 – Mitigation Options

Mitigation options, including details on how each mitigation option would/could be implemented.

04 – Mitigation

Mitigation implementation help for the types of mitigation that are beyond the client’s abilities.

Client and Expert Framework

01. Initial Consult and Meter Purchases

Step 01 –

Consulting for mitigating ElectroMagnetic Exposure via this website begins with the client contacting us. Afterwards, the client will be instructed (both verbally and with written and illustrated instructions) on the steps to work with us.

Ideally, you or someone that is assisting you can take photographs of you home or office and send them to us electronically via email or text.

Step 02 –

Afterwards, you will be instructed to either purchase a Trifield TF2 Meter or utilize meters you already have, letting us know what you are working with.

We’ll instruct you on how to use the meters for measuring Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields and Radio Frequency Fields. Initially, Dirty Electricity is addressed by noting Sources. One can purchase the dedicated meter later, but its appropriate use needs education.

For measurement of Magnetic Fields that are building wiring/metal work related, a clamp-on multimeter is useful.

The multimeter/volt meter included function (of the clamp on ammeter) is useful for Electric Field/Body Voltage detection.

We can answer any questions you may have about which meters to purchase. Also, see the Meters and Measurement Theory Diagram. The Illustrated Meter Instruction Packet also has more details

02. Client Actions

1 – Take pictures of anything electrical in your house, specifically anything metal.

2 – Take pictures of the meter taking readings. We prefer two pictures each reading (close enough to see the reading and far enough away to show the location of the meter.)

3 – Draw up basic maps of the site and the buildings. You will be instructed (with illustrations) on how to draw up building reference maps. For example:

– Bold Black Ink and Red as appropriate
– No Lined Graph Paper
– Label rooms, show North
– Write data readings (with their units) on the map
and then send pictures of the maps to us.
– Representative pictures/maps will be provided.

4 – Send your address, so we can look at the site on Google Maps. When we have this data, an expert consultant will work with you to analyze the pictures of your house and meter readings to come up with a plan of action to resolve EME issues.

5 – After receiving the photographs and maps and examing the satellite data, we’ll set up consulting time via Zoom, Skype or a similar screen sharing program.

During the consultation we will be referring to the pictures and maps that you sent us. Thus, you will need to have these photos available to view while we speak.

If you are so electrically sensitive that you cannot work with or have access to a computer (for screen sharing), we have alternative methods to accomplish this.

EME Educational Materials

Click on any thumbnail to be taken to the full scale version with its descriptive caption.

01 – EME Overview

02 – SBS Overview

03 – EME Categories

04 – ElectroMagnetic Spectrum

05 – Four EME Categories

06 – Magnetic and Electric Fields

07 – Meters and Measuring

08 – Electrical System

09 – Electrical Grounding

10 – Neutral and Ground

11 – Blue Box Tester

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